D&AD New Blood Awards, Graphite Pencil

My work "Conqueror of the Earth" won a prize at D&AD New Blood Awards 2018, which is the internationally popular design competition based on London, UK. It will be revealed which level of prize I got at the ceremony in July. I feel really happy to won such an awsome prize, and I am proud as Japanese for the fact that a work from Japan has been highly evaluated in the international competition. I am really appreciate for giving me a strong power and hope as a designer, and I will continue to face all of my design works with sincerity. Thank you so much.

Conqueror of the Earth

"Kinetic Poetry" will be exhibited again

My graduation work "Kinetic Poetry" got an award. And this work will be exhibited in the selected works exhibition of Musashino Art University in next April. I am glad to show you my work again.

Kinetic Poetry

"Kinetic Poetry" is exhibited

A motion graphics "Kinetic Poetry" as my graduation work is exhibited in the degree show of Musashino Art University. I hope you enjoy to watch it there.

Kinetic Poetry

ICU Digital Christmas Card 2017

ICU(International Christian University) makes an oginal digital Christmas card for examinees and school officials every year. It was an honor that I was given a chance to make one in 2017 as one of the alumni.

ICU Christmas Card

"Archimedean Spirals" at ISTA BIENNALE

ISTA is a nonprofit organization trying to build a relationship between science, art and recreation, and to spread scientific interest in local community. ISTA BIENNALE is an exhibition where various people show their interesting works over the theme "combination of science and art."

iriya01 iriya02 iriya03


CS DESIGN AWARDS is an award for design using Cutting Sheets®. My design idea which was named "CS 3D WALL" has gotten a prize in the 19th CS DESIGN AWARDS FOR STUDENTS in 2016.

cs design award cs design award cs design award

"Archimedean Spirals" at Museum of Science Tokyo in University of Science

I made the art works "Visual art works made from Archimedean Spirals" in a class named "Synergetics" (in Musashino Art University department of Science of Design), and they were prefered to be displayed in an exhibition "Beauty hidden in Mathematical Science" at Museum of Science (in Tokyo University of Science).

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