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Conqueror of the Earth

Paper has various textures, which you can never find in digital world. The abundant texture of paper revives your sensitivity, which is getting lost in this digital age, and gives you the strong power of imagination. The interesting textures of Conqueror let you associate the surfaces of various areas on the planet. I used “embossing” on Conqueror papers to create miniature 3D maps of five selected areas (ground, river, ocean, farm and salt lake).

1. Nazca Lines, Peru
Stonemarque | High White | 300g

Stonemarque has a rough texture.
I embossed the South American famous cultural heritage “Nazca Lines”
in order to suggest the surface of a dry ground with this paper.

#1_Nazca #1_Nazca

2. Hudson River, New York
Bamboo | Natural White | 250g

Subtle lines run on the surface of Bamboo.
I embossed the streets of New York along Hudson River,
to maximize the feature of the texture of this paper,
which resembles flow of water.

#2_Hudson #2_Hudson

3. Pacific Ocean, Mariana Islands
Contour | Oyster | 300g

The surface of Contour is roughly waving,
which is like as a savage sea.
I embossed Mariana Islands on this paper
to realize the image of Pacific Ocean.

#3_Mariana #3_Mariana

4. Corn Belt, Iowa
Laid | Vellum | 250g

The parallel grooves on Laid let me imagine
furrows traced by tractors, or rows of crops.
I embossed the straight lines of walkways
to visualize the extensive farm in Corn Belt.

#4_Iowa #4_Iowa

5. Uyuni in dry season, Bolivia
CX22 | Diamond White | 250g

The pure whiteness or slightly shining surface of
CX22 Diamond White let me imagine the land of salt lake.
I embossed the cracks of salt on this paper
to visualize Uyuni salt lake in dry season.

#5_Uyuni #5_Uyuni

Be A Conqueror
The five works have been finished as postcards.
I hope you will enjoy to share your “feelings of the earth”
while traveling, via the papers with various textures,
which you can never send by digital tools.

© daisukesaito 2017